Key speaker: Carlos Scolari (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain)


We are delighted to confirm that one of our key speakers will be Carlos Scolari, writer, researcher and lecturer at Pompeu Fabra University, in Barcelona.

He is going to talk about transmedia storytelling, a subject he has been researching and working with for many years. You can check his recently launched book about it here.

Here you have his proposal for Semiofest 2013:

Transmedia storytelling

By Carlos A. Scolari

Transmedia storytelling is one of the most interesting narrative experiences emerging from contemporary media ecology. Nowadays narratives are liquid: they flow from one media to another incorporating new characters and situations. In transmedia storytelling narratives, programs expand along the semiosphere.

But transmedia storytelling cannot be reduced to the official narrative world (that is, the canon): the users also participate in this expansion! The kingdom of the fandom is a borderless territory where everything is possible. My presentation will reflect on transmedia storytelling from a semiotic perspective and, at the same time, it will describe some of the challenges that these new liquid narratives present to the discipline.


Twitter: @cscolari

Researcher, professor and many other things around digital communication, semiotics and media ecology (Barcelona, Spain) –