We’re happy to announce that Semiofest 2014 will take place in V Art Center!

Established in 2010, V ART CENTER is located in Shanghai M50 Creative Industry Park. As a gallery space affiliated with SIVA of Fudan University, V Art Center is presided by Mr. Ding Yi, a famous modern artist and an associate dean of SIVA. This young space shall maintain its vitality all the time, presenting a dialogue platform for modern arts in Shanghai.

V Art Center

Photos of the Venue and Past Exhibitions & Events at the Venue:

We hope to see you in Shanghai! To pre-book for the event, please send an email to 2014@semiofest.com!

Semiofest 2014

Date: May 23rd-24th 2014

Location: V Art Center in M50 Creative Industry Park, 50 Moganshan Road, Shanghai, China


For more information about the venue, please check out their website http://www.vartcenter.com/