Falling in Love with Semiotics

What's love got to do with it?

Semiofest 2015 is for anyone who is loves the subject of semiotics and is passionate to explore  the potential of its application to various enterprise contexts such as strategy and policy making, design, branding, marketing, communication, computation, amongst others.  These applications can be in any of the enterprise contexts.

Love of the practical application of semiotics to day to day enterprise challenges is what brings most of us, namely applied semioticians, to Semiofest. Applied semioticians cater to a wide variety of enterprise stakeholder and they come to Semiofest because they have either used semiotics in their strategic or creative decisions, or because they have heard that it provides an interesting and useful layer of knowledge and ideas -- whether they are buyers/commissioners of semiotics-based research and strategy, students or academics.

Semiofest is an open platform for anyone who believes in and loves the discipline of semiotics and wants to explore and share how it can be put to practical uses. You do not need to have formally studied the subject to understand its practical applications.

Semiofest is for anyone who loves to use Semiotics as the raison d'être to create, debate, practice, share and change the world around them!

We hope that attending Semiofest will inspire you to become a champion of applied semiotics.


What can you expect this year?

Practical and inspiring semiotic insights into new cultural codes and social patterns, new and innovative semiotic methodologies to analyse and uncover new questions as well as to solve existing ones, semiotics inspired strategic thinking and creative solutions and case studies. All these will address the current dynamics that affect most of the enterprise contexts. In particular, Semiofest 2015 will feature:

Training Sessions - 3rd June

Workshops for those interested in getting up to date with knowledge on tools and methods from the world’s leading practising semioticians.

An Exciting Programme - 4th-5th June

Two days of sharing of insights, methodologies, trends, case studies, creative solutions by applied semioticians and clients.

Semiotics Boot Camp - 6th June

A challenging session where semioticians will come together and generate insights, strategies and solutions to address a real world problem and to show case the potential of applied semiotics.


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