François Bobrie

François will be presenting with Jean Henaff "From design to forms of living; how luxury Swiss watches are telling their extraordinary world" - 4th June

Member of the CERES Lab (Université de Limoges), François Bobrie is a specialist of semiotics applied to marketing issues, focused on branding and product design since 1990. He was the founder of the European Center of packaging Design (Université de Poitiers) in 2006 and head of the Master “Semiotics and commercial design” untill 2013. He is now Director of a programme aiming to understand the “language of market” from a semio-historical perspective in 20th and 21st centuries, at Maison des Sciences de l’Homme et de la Société (MSHS) de Poitiers. He is the author of numerous papers and book chapters on these topics.

As a consultant François provides semiotics surveys for dozens and dozens of companies in all fields of business from luxury goods and cosmetics to retail and foods products, since more than twenty years.

François would loves to present at Semiofest because... 

Semiofest provides the best opportunity to share semiotics concepts and achievements between academia and practitioners


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