Janaina Tcheina Quintas Antunes

Janaina will be presenting with Priscila Zanganatto Mafra ‘Interactivity, Glocality and the Unclassifiable Hypermedia Multiculturalism: Real-world applications and implications through the eyes of applied Socio-semiotics’  - 4th June

Janaina Tcheina Quintas Antunes is a PhD candidate in Communication and Semiotics in Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, PUC-SP University, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She received her MA in Education, Arts and Culture History in Mackenzie University.

Professor and Researcher in the fields of Cultural Studies; History of Culture; Art History; Semiotics; Communication and Literature.

Her cultural and research projects have been implemented and presented in a variety of academic settings across the globe and resulted in numerous publications and conferences’ presentations.

Her current research involves Nobrow Culture; Cyberculture, Glocality, History of Contemporary Culture; Contemporary Communication Theory; Aesthetics of the XXI Century; Internationalization, Interactivity.


Janaina and Priscila love to present at Semiofest because...

Love has everything to do with research. Choosing to bring new knowledge and innovation to humanity is an impossible task if you do not love your research subject, because you have to plunge yourself into it, and if you do not do it with love, joy and mirth, your research will not be a fruitful one.



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