Max Leefe

Max will be presenting "Achtung, achtung  or how I made the hard-headed Germans fall in love with semiotics"  - 4th June

Max Leefe has been thinking semiotically since her days as a grad student at Johns Hopkins University in USA. She has now been working as a commercial semiotician for over 10 years providing cultural insight on many markets including Australia, USA, UK and Poland. Born and bred in the UK, she has a strong connection to Germany and has been running her semiotic consultancy Cultural Cartography from Berlin since 2008. She prides herself on providing substantial cultural learnings couched in every day language.

Max loves to present at Semiofest because...

I want to share my love for semiotics and how it can change the way you think and see things. If you love semiotics, then signs and images become amazing wonderful things which tell you all about the world we live in and how it is formed in our minds.





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