Paulina Goch-Kenawy

Paulina will be presenting with Maciej Biedziński & Anna Niewiadomy on "With love to the „Uncanny” – cultural familiarisation strategies of the Other." - 4th June

Semiotician with 9 years of commercial experience. Founder of - the first Polish blog  on commercial semiotics. Has participated in nearly 100 semiotic projects. Working with Polish and international brands as well as with renown consulting strategic agencies. Holds a Master degree in Philosophy, Journalism and Social Communication. Currently travelling across Australia, India and South-East Asia looking for new inspirations.

Anna, Maciej and Pauline love to present at Semiofest because...

Semiofest is not just an annual ritual of conferencing; it is indeed a melting pot of distilling ideas and developments in applied semiotics around the globe. Rubbing minds with fellow applied semioticians in such a “semiosphere” would be a most rewarding experience.




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