Alpana will be presenting "Rejuvenation of an Indian News Channel"  4th June

Over a 30 year marketing career, spanning USA and India; Alpana has long believed that advertising no longer sells products - and strong brands are built in culture and she helms India’s largest brand Strategy & Brand Design firm that uses semiotics to both decode consumer and category and encode the solutions in design.

 Prior to DY Works, she headed Marketing & Merchandising for Tanishq; the USD 1bn+ TATA company.

 She worked in the US as the CMO of a Natural Food Brand . She graduated from IIM (A) in 1985 and has a Bacheoler’s degree in Economics from St. Stephen's College, Delhi University.

Alpana loves to present at Semiofest because...

As cultures are getting more and more globally homogenized, and are increasingly pegged to newer emerging beliefs - a learning platform of these evolutionary changes is a fantastic way to learn, compare and validate our work. I am here as much to share as to imbibe. As practitioners of applied semiotics for 'real life' problems - we find deeper insights through the study of multiple signs (beyond merely the visual) that define global emerging patterns.




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