Emily will be presenting "Semojiotics: local communication with a global language (poster)" - 4th-5th June

Emily Groves is an interdisciplinary designer and researcher with a background in biology, anthropology and social media analysis. She is interested in communication, particularly the intersection between universality and locality in language and pictorial signs. Her recent work has assessed the history and development of emojis in digital communication, looking into what they mean to different people around the world. She has explored ideas from this research through writing, gallery installations and creative software. Emily is currently doing her MA in Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art in London.

Bérénice loves to present at Semiofest because...

Signs and symbols of love are all around us - even on our phone keyboards. I love emojis and on my keyboard I’ve found 4 kissing faces, 4 love references and 12 different hearts. I can't wait to share my ideas about what they mean to us at Semiofest! <3 <3 <3


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