José Lévy

What does José Lévy do?

The answer is not that simple because his praxis blurs boundaries and are the focal point of a set of disciplines and expertise patiently investigated, compiled, arranged. We must start by saying that José Lévy designs objects and by objects, we mean things that are manufactured. Porcelain for Sevres, ceramics for Astier de Vilatte, crystal for St.Louis, furnitures for Roche‐Bobois and for Gallery S. Bensimon, candles, towels, and let's not forget clothes, not only for him but for others... In this incredibly modern adventure we remember his unforgettable ready‐to‐wear collection, a work that revels in a time of fantasy and survival. Archaeologist, José Lévy explores techniques and savoir‐faire, at the same time immersing himself in popular culture while exploiting the banalities of the past, known but forgotten, which in turn fill his creations with nostalgia and reminiscence. Shared memories, loose and diluted, in order to create a current that inhabits remarkable forms, José Lévy's objects are suspended between two ages, immediate and tangible, displaying not only the modern but all that is possible


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