Semiofest Tallinn checklist by Andrius Grigorjevas

Semiofest Tallinn checklist by Andrius Grigorjevas

Andrius Grigorjevas shared his impressions from Semiofest Tallinn in the form of a checklist for future organizers. In Semiofest Tallinn team we certainly subscribe to this list. Many thanks, Andrius, for making explicit the elements that made Semiofest Tallinn so successful.
Semiofest Tallinn: A checklist for the future
“Even though in my mind SEMIOFEST has been a great success, this is not going to be its review. It is more of a checklist of things this year’s SEMIOFEST proved possible to achieve within the format of a conference. It could also be a useful reminder for whoever dares to pick up the organization of the conference next year.


Despite the fact that the two (academic and practical) paradigms of semiotics exist close to each other, most of the time there is little interaction between them. Nobody would argue that each field has a lot to learn from another, but this is rarely put to practice. It is exciting to participate in a conference that is not afraid to put the hypotheses of knowledge-sharing to the test.


Sharing practices, information and tools is great, but it is the overarching themes that bind everything together – it is questions like “what the hell are we doing here” or “where is it going to take us” that makes us engage and come back to the conference content for a longer time. This meta layer is needed not only in order to not to dabble in self-appreciation for too long, but also to face the realities of the professional field.


Conferences rarely aim at directing participants towards concentrating on specific tasks, but when they do and when it’s done the right way, it can be a game changer. Even though usually bootcamps are separated into a stand-alone format, it doesn’t mean they don’t work within a conference scope. To be able to compare the ways you would approach the problem with the ways of others is an invaluable experience.
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