Semiofest is a delightful cultural ritual, a symbolic act whereby every two years, we get to reconnect again and bond in person.

Liminality is our central topic, including multiple subthemes – the pandemic, AI, climate crisis, migration, and emergent rituals – within liminal thresholds, rites, and rituals. Liminality reflects the end or diminishing of a predictable phase followed by periods of transition defined as being situated somewhere betwixt and between, neither here nor there. Rites and rituals play a significant role in the experience of liminality, providing a structured framework for navigating the liminal space and facilitating the process of personal and collective transformation.

Integral to Semiofest’s practice, liminality and human ritual can be earnest and playful. Likewise, the protocol of collaborative growth of semiotic professionalism is the high road followed. We believe the liminality theme will serve as inspiration for insightful presentations. The venue – Casa da Música – is a liminal architectural metaphor that fits nicely with the conference’s liminality theme and will be akin to something transformational.