What is Semiofest?

Semiofest, a Celebration of Semiotic Thinking is a collective set up to champion and propagate the best in applied semiotic thinking and to help facilitate learning about semiotics. Semiofest is an annual event which moves location every year.

Semiofest came into existence as a platform where practising semioticians, both academic and commercial, could come together to exchange ideas, viewpoints, insights and methods in order to share and learn from one another. It has since become annual event that attracts academics, researchers and business people.

Some highlights from Semiofest Mumbai 2018

4 intensive days in downtown Mumbai, spread between multiple locations, with the main event at the CSVS (Chatrapati Shivaji Vastu Sangrahalaya) – in Fort area – over 97 attendees, a record for Semiofest and an event that helped to enlighten many interested in semiotics on the Sub-Continent. 25 presentations, 2 great keynotes, a consumer safari, a panel on Fake News, a workshop on Indian condiments, cocktails. Bollywood dancing and some client immersions.



















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We rely on the passion and creativity of local organizing committees to create a fresh Semiofest, stamped with their own personality and suffused with the personality of the location and host city!

What is applied


Applied semiotics is a branch of semiotics. Semiotics is an infinitely flexible methodology that can be applied to all. Applied semiotics is a branch of semiotics. Semiotics is an infinitely flexible methodology that can be applied to all.

We seek to create forum where semiotic theorists, practitioners, consultants, researchers and students can come together for mutual learning.

Do you

love semiotics?

Edward Wilson

Attended Semiofest Toronto 2017

“I wouldn’t find people like this anywhere else. I get to have conversations with people who think about the things I think about but have taken them further. Awesome. Amazing.”

Matthew Oliver

Attended Semiofest, Toronto, 2017

“it’s been absolutely fantastic, from academic to highly applicable content. A bunch of very interesting, smart people, talking about very interesting, smart topics”

Thierry Mortier

Attended Semiofest, London 2012, Barcelona 2013, Tallinn 2016, Toronto 2017, Mumbai 2018

“My intention is not to ever miss another one. It is just too great to be here and see everybody. Semiofest is just brilliant!”

Mark Lemon

Attended Semiofest Paris 2015, Tallinn 2016, Toronto 2017, Mumbai 2018

“My brain is full of stuff swirling around, filled with ideas –the combination of the academic side with the commercial. Just been a brilliant experience to have been part of that”

Maciej Biedzinski

Attended Semiofest Paris 2015, Tallinn 2016, Toronto 2017

“The presentations are getting better and better every year  very informative and of course atmosphere as always, with great people. Really loved it.”

Mariane Cara

Attended Semiofest Paris 2015, Tallinn 2016, Toronto 2017, Mumbai 2018

“Semiofest blends consumer insight, semiotics,  ethnographics – so we are getting the mix of theoretical and practise side – to show how semiotics can be important to brands”

Wei Fen Lee

Attended Semiofest Toronto 2017, Mumbai 2018

“What was useful was coming here and connecting with all these people who practise semiotics in all these various contexts, and making it tangible to use it with clients” 

Ying Mu

Attended Semiofest Shanghai 2014, Toronto 2017

“I think the conversations are deeper at Semiofest, because people are very passionate about it – when compared to other conferences where they can be a bit superficial”