FAQs 2012

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How much will it cost me?

The space we are using has retractable audio-visual system for 100 and seats 60 people cabaret style. We have worked out that to cover venue hire, and one lunch on the Friday we need to charge £53 per head, a reasonable and reduced price from what was initially announced. We will also book a local restaurant for dinner on Friday evening. At the moment, Saturday will be self-catering!

We are routing ticketing through this and in about one week from today you will be able to reserve a ticket and make a safe payment through PayPal. As we have said, there are only about 60 spaces for this event due to space limitations of the venue, so be quick.


If you normally require a Visa to enter UK, you would need to apply for a Business Visitor Visa to visit London for SemioFest. Further information about UK visas can be found here.