Jean Henaff

Jean will be presenting with François Bobrie "From design to forms of living; how luxury Swiss watches are telling their extraordinary world" - 4th June

Jean is a consultant using extensively semiotics to provide marketing advice to leading European and Japanese companies in cosmetics, luxury and food industries. He is a native French speaker and he is also fluent in English and Japanese. He is living between Paris and Tokyo and has also worked previously for 20+ years in marketing research and prospective for L’Oréal cosmetics, in Asia and Europe. Jean is a graduate of the HEC School of Management (Paris) and of Hitotsubashi University (Tokyo) and holds a Master’s Degree in Semiotics from Limoges University (France).

Jean loves to present at Semiofest because... 

Semiotics is like love, it makes you happy when it is shared! Presenting my ideas in Semiofest would be the best occasion to share my passion and enthusiasm for Semiotics. A disciple that needs also a lot of care but that is so rewarding in the end!


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