Please send us an email before stating the reasons why do you want to take part.
We will send an email to all selected participants at the end of May.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.

Semiotics Boot Camp – 6th June

 9h – 12h30 : Client session 

 Experimenting a semiotic adventure on real cases  

You don’t know what semiotics could do for you ? Semiofest is the occasion to give it a try… Come and see what semioticians produce working on real cases.
It’s the occasion to show what you can do by joining a team and work on a real case in front of potential clients
This session allows potential clients who have no or little experience with semiotics to test it. Of course, with a few hours session, the result won’t look alike a finalized piece of work, but we’re willing to accept the challenge of showing what semiotics could do with examples of results.
 The Rules of the Game 

  • PSA (Peugeot and Citroen) and Essilor (n°1 in optic) reveal their subjects the D-Day.
  • Semioticians must declare their interest in advance to contribute and create teams
  • Teams of semioticians (5 per teams), after 15 / 30 min of questions and exchange on the subject with the “client” will start working. They can use an internet connection and the material the “client” brought.
  • 2h30 later, the group will share its work and comment on what it could have done with more time.
  • Production will be discussed among the different participants (other semioticians and potential clients)

 Who is it for 

  • Marketers who want to discover what semiotics could do to help them address difficult subjects
  • Confirmed semioticians practitioners willing to show what semiotics can do to help working on such subjects

 The Outcome 

  • First productions and assumptions of a group of semioticians
  • Debate between participants about the benefits of semiotics

 A small breakfast will be provided