Krzysztof will be presenting "From nobleness to authenticity - The language of premium"

Culture Studies was my best-loved university education (University of Wroclaw Poland). Especially I loved theory of culture. In 1990’s I loved to work as a university teacher and… in the same time I started, with love, an advertising agency. 2005 was a beloved year – when I met and worked with Viringia Valentine from a legendary UK company Semiotic Solutions I fell in love in semiotics. In that time I decided, together with my beloved partner, to lease methodology and name of Semiotic Solution and start my true love - semiotic company in Poland.

Since 2005 – with a great dose of love - I run and participated in more than 140 semiotic projects for Polish and international brands and companies including Nestle, SabMiller, Unilever, Danone, Heineken and others.

Krzysztof loves to present at Semiofest because...

I would love to present a topic full of emotions, passion and love – the cultural structure of today’s premium.

I would love to present my best-loved semiotic tool in action – the semiotic square.

I would love to discuss the new spaces in the language of premium.



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