Ximena will be presenting "From the collective map to the cultural map: a semiotic analysis of place awareness" - 4th June

Ximena Tobi holds a BA degree in Communications and a MA in Social Science Research, both from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
She met semiotics for the first time in 1991 when she was beginning her studies and felt as if she had discovered a secret path.
Nowadays, as professional semiotician working for qualitative research and marketing semiotics, she find this initial moment as a sign of destiny.
She has been teaching semiotics of media since she graduated and develop a semiotic lab with her students every year.
Along with her friend and partner Gabriela Pedranti, they launched SemioticaStudio in 2009, in order to offer professional training and cultural and semiotic analysis for market and social research.

Why I would love to present in Semiofest
Ximena loves to participate in Semiofest, because it is a mirror that gives her back new perspectives and points of view about her semiotic work. It is an opportunity to share experiences and ideas peer to peer, between people interested in the use of semiotics, not only in its concepts!! 


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