Marta & Anna will present "Less is more? Perception and Absence: Images Meaning and Narration Without Words"  4th June

Marta Pellegrini just graduated at her MA in Semiotics, at the Alma Mater University of Bologna; she is a graphic designer with a strong interest in artificial intelligences and cognitive science. Her interests are covering some interdisciplinary fields, such as digital humanities, semiotics and computational linguistics. What's at the center of her work is always a focus on human interactions, especially through ICTs. She recently worked on the possibility of developing a theoretical background, provided by semiotics, to further implement and study wordspace models in the field of computational linguistics. The topic of how human brain performs inferences based on signs fascinated her since the bachelor degree. She is actively collaborating with the blog Semiobo, the first Italian semiotics blog about the works and experiences of young semioticians.


Marta & Anna loves to present at Semiofest because…

The idea to investigate Wordless Books in the framework of the Semiofest 2015 was immediately in our minds. We would like to consider Wordless Books as thinking tools that can show us how people's ways of interpreting, representing and connecting with their environment through images and words are changing. Semiofest is a creative, stimulating environment and the theme of “Love” seems perfectly fitting to childhood and even more to the best human expectations and dreams, developing into projects since the first years of life. Children literature, even (and maybe more) when wordless, can really enhance Love and change the future.


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