Chief coordinator.
Semiotic expert and consultant, founder and CEO in semiotic insight company Mängiv Inimene, with more than 10 years of experience teaching applied semiotics and semiotic methods in Estonia.

About Kaie
I’m in charge of Semiofest Tallinn at the moment and I’m working for Estonian Social Entrepreneurship Network as social innovation mentor and networks coordinator. I also run a semiotic insight agency Mängiv Inimene.
The most exciting problem I’m working on right now
Habits are a fascinating problem and in my perspective central to successful implementation of any line of innovation.
Insights from semiotics
Signs are a powerful tool for creating a reality that we inhabit and in any practical sense they are the reality that we inhabit. On the other hand, signs are just signs, they can be reconstructed, they can be changed and they change over time and this way semiotics gives us a powerful tool to look beyond the common and the known and have alternatives. Signs are habits and innovation begins when our habits serve us.
Expectations for Semiofest
I’m looking forward to learn a lot during Semiofest Tallinn from the marvelous professionals who have made a commitment to come here to share their experiences and insights and cases that showcase the relevance of semiotics to business, design, marketing and many other fields.