Semiofest Tallinn will be held in a Kultuurikatel (Culture Cauldron) culture hub. It is a perfect place for Semiofest Tallinn dedicated to a culture of innovation; it not only illustrates but truly embodies the many transitions that our society has been gone through within recent decades as well as the transformative power of those transitions.
kultuurikatel_3 Photos by Kaido Haagen
Kultuurikatel (Culture Cauldron) is a former boiler house at the seaside in the middle of historical industrial landscape that many can recognize as a Zone in Andrei Tarkovski’s “Stalker” (1979). Though Kultuurikatel has been newly renovated and now serves as a creativity hub hosting, among others, Estonian Centre of Architecture and Estonian Design Centre, some of the old landscape has been preserved and are next to the “wild garden”, where the scenes of “Stalker” were shot.
For those of you who want to revisit Tarkovski’s psychological landscapes again, “Stalker” is also available online: http://www.openculture.com/2010/07/tarkovksy.html
Semiofest will be held in the Gallery Hall of Estonian Center of Architecture – an architecture and design hub and an inspiring former industrial plant turned contemporary event venue. The Hall has contemporary audio systems, video screening equipment and anything else necessary for pleasant event.
Location: Just a 10 minutes walk from the very center of the city and a 5 minutes walk from the walls of the old town. It is also easy to access by a public transport. Address: Põhja pst 27a, Tallinn, 10145. Find it on map: