Alfredo Troncoso


Topic: REVAMPING FOOD PACKAGING FOR A HYPERINDULGENT MARKET: How to incorporate state of the art global codes without contradicting Mexico’s more is more cultural paradigm.


Cleaner packs and wellness claims have gained traction in the Mexican market, but it has not been easy.

On the one hand, local brands have struggled doing away with their heavy handed use of tradition and chromatic incontinence; only the evidence of obsolescence translated into declining market share has convinced them otherwise.

On the other hand, through the roof obesity statistics notwithstanding, global brands have found it impossible to package food using a more ascetic or at least instrumental framing. Consumers will be grateful for the state of the art design, but say no thank you to products missing a crucial element, namely, abundance.

We will present the meaning of abundance for Mexico and examples of our work helping brands use the adequate cues in their repackaging efforts.