Topic: Understanding “creative expression” among Chinese youth culture

The landscape of youth culture in China has never been more diverse and vibrant. Likewise, the world of lifestyle brands has never been more dynamic and competitive.

Against this backdrop of the cultural change, a global streetwear brand shows notable softening in brand consideration and perceptions, mainly related to creativity. The brand needs to defend its position and lead at the forefront of creative expression in China.

To do that, we used semiotics and cultural insights to understand:

  • The emergent landscape of creative expression for young consumers in China.
  • Identifying how the brands at the forefront of youth culture are showing up.
  • Translating and triangulating insights into a POV around how the brand can differentiate itself in China with specific implications for marketing, brand experiences and product principles.

Key Takeaways

  • Deep insights of “Creative Expressions” for Chinese Gen Z.
  • How to navigate the local cultural nuances for global brands; how to land semiotic insights to tangible brand activations.
  • Doing semiotics in China/Asia – how to work on semiotics without Semioticians.