Few cultures have as much semiotic richness as Mexico, and this was both an opportunity and a challenge for Gruppo Campari.  With a unique portfolio of authentic Mexican brands, Campari needed to create distinct brand positionings that would resonate across international markets with very different levels of familiarity with Mexican culture.  The challenge was to create universally appealing branding without evoking the usual national clichés.  How better to burst the clichés than to go straight to the most emergent people in Mexico: young, avant-garde Mexicans in the 3 regions associated with Campari’s brands, Puebla, Oaxaca and Jalisco?  We layered what they told us about their lives and their regions with an in-depth semiotic analysis of the RDE codes for Mexico as a whole and their regions in particular. Then Campari used these finding to create agency briefing guidelines that in turn became international promotional material.

Three takeaways that will benefit the Semiofest audience:

  1. Attendees will be exposed to a clear example of how Semiotics can be used as the primary tool for positioning global brands.
  2. Attendees will also see how Semiotics can be combined with other market research modalities.
  3. This will be an opportunity for Semiofest attendees to see the results of a significant piece of work to which a number of their colleagues contributed.