Alpana Parida

Alpana Parida – CEO – DY Works, Mumbai

Over a 30-year marketing career, spanning USA and India; Alpana has long believed that advertising no longer sells products – and strong brands are built in culture and she helms India’s largest brand Strategy & Brand Design firm that uses semiotics to both decode consumer and category and encode the solutions in design.

Prior to DY Works, she headed Marketing & Merchandising for Tanishq; the USD 1bn+  TATA company. She worked in the US as the CMO of a natural food brand. Alpana has a Bachelors’ degree in Economics and an MBA. She has been an applied Semiotician – helping brands such as PepsiCo, Unilever, India TV, BRICS Bank in Shanghai among others to arrive at solutions that impact in the marketplace. An evangelist of semiotics and culture based branding approaches to arrive at consumer beliefs, Alpana Parida has been a speaker at Semiofest 2015 in Paris and Semiofest 2016. Alpana bid for and hosted Semiofest 2018 – the best attended ever – which took place in October.


Alpana writes:


“The possibility for a semiotician is to create a new belief system because you really understand how the belief is formed… As for Semiofest it’s wonderful to see different cultures and different schools of thought and to see how semiotics can really decode so much, in so many aspects.”

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