Vladimir Djurovic

CEO Lab Brand

Vladimir founded the leading China-originated global brand consultancy Labbrand in 2005, and MADJOR in 2016 to focus on designing digital brand experiences. Over the past decade, he has assisted over 100 companies to understand the Chinese market, position their brands, and execute strategies in China and abroad. With an innovative mind, a scientific approach, and a natural instinct for trends, Vladimir leverages a great understanding of the Chinese cultural context through his experience. He is passionate about applying Semiotics to brand development, product and service innovation and sensory experience design. A participant of Semiofest since 2012, Vladimir organized Semiofest 2014 with his company Labbrand,bringing the event to Asia for the first time.

Vladimir graduated from the prestigious Ecole Centrale de Paris (in Applied Mathematics) as well as Shanghai Jiaotong University (with a Masters of Management Science and of Engineering). He speaks fluent French, English, Mandarin, Russian and Serbian.


Vlad writes:

“My passion for Semiotics started more than a decade ago with me reading a few books written by Jean-Marie Floch and Roland Barthes. The structuralist dimension that is a constitutive part of its method resonated with my scientific background and a certain passion for maps I’ve had since a very young age. Semiotics has offered me a precious and unexpected ground to connect my work in Branding with mapping, modeling and abstract thinking. I believe that Semiotics enables infinite creation but not in a totally random way – It is a tool to deploy and harness the power of Cultural forces.”

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