Dear All,

This is just a quick update to say that everything is coming together nicely for Semiofest. We are looking forward to seeing all those of you who can make it on Friday 25th or Saturday 26th May.

We just wanted to let you know our plans for the Friday and Saturday night. After the event is finished on Friday we would imagine that most of you will want to go out for a meal. All that talking and listening will make us hungry. It turns out that the area Semiofest is held in, W11, is blessed with some pretty good eateries. Rather than booking one place for 60 people which we’ve struggled to do however, we thought it would be more feasible for us to break into groups of 10 or 15. We can then perhaps check out different restaurants and then meet up later if we all want to.

The restaurants we have earmarked for Semiofest participants on Friday are the following.

1. Taqueria – Mexican, No Set menu, Westbourne Grove

2. Al Waha – Lebanese – Set menus £22 or £26, Westbourne Grove

3. El Pirata – Spanish – Set menus £20 or £25, Westbourne Grove

4. Khan’s – Indian, No Set menu, Westbourne Grove

Some of you have mentioned that networking is one of the prime reasons you are coming to this. Just to let you know that there will be places to go to prolong discussion after the programme has finished… This will not be all of you because I know you are probably all far too respectable for that but there are places to go for those who want to go out to party later.

Supper Club is less than 5 minutes walk from the venue:

Cuban band on Friday, funk and boogaloo on Saturday:

And then Westbourne Studios itself has music / club on every Friday night and of course a bar…

Chris and Organizing Committee