When Semiotics & Art Collide: noizuyo-e, pictures of the noisy world

by Thierry Mortier, Semiotic Architect, semiotic.tv

Noizuyo-e, pictures of the noisy world,  is an artist’s journey through noise, semiotics & art in search of building a Peircean sign as a semiotic architecture.

Artist Statement

I make noise. I construct this noise. Build it up as a semiotic architecture.
A sign, a built up sign, using other signs as its building blocks.
semiotic generation through saturation.
superimposing signs to construct signs of superposition.

I call them noizuyo-e™, pictures of the noisy world.
ノイズ 世 絵

thierry mortier
semiotic architect
記号論 の 建築家

the channel inside your head