Call for papers 2013



As you probably know, Semiofest will take place in Barcelona, Spain, on Friday May 31st & Saturday June 1st 2013.

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We are now accepting submissions for papers on the subject of applied semiotics. Abstracts should be up to 200 words summarizing the likely content of the paper/presentation. In order to submit a proposal, you have to be registered for attending Semiofest.

Since Semiofest intends to be a celebration of semiotic thinking we are interested in presentations of all kinds, both academic and commercial, but we are particularly interested in 2 categories:
–    Methodological innovations and ideas that move semiotics forward in some way
–    Case studies and examples of powerful insights that semiotic enquiry has revealed
This year, we would invite participants to prepare short presentations of no more than 20 minutes long if they are just talks, but we’d love to receive proposals that include a short activity with the attendees. For these cases, the presentation+activity can take up to 45 minutes.
We anticipate to receive quite a few submissions. If the number of submissions exceeds the number of our available speaking slots, we will need to select what we consider to be the strongest entries.
There will be a place to upload and share full papers elsewhere. Since Semiofest is about sharing, all participants should be prepared to allow Semiofest to disseminate all materials featured at the Semiofest conference on the Semiofest website and on Semiofest affiliated marketing channels. The deadline for submissions for this Semiofest 2013 is April 22nd, 2013. You have to submit them to:

You can check the proposals of the key speakers of this edition here. As a guide to the sort of papers we welcome, we list below the titles of 2012 presentations:

  • Beyond Culture – Professor Paul Cobley
  • Semiotics of Colour and the Design Process – Maryam M. Darrodi
  • Semiotics and Social Media Marketing: the case of CIBUS – Paolo Odoardi
  • How can we measure the meaning of ads? Semiotic Index – Krzysztof Polak
  • Design Rhetoric Methodology in Product Design (DRM) – Fredrik Goffhé
  •  The North American Semiotic Toolbox – Charles Leech
  • Semiotics turning Noise into Art – Semiotic Architect, Thierry Mortimer
  • Freestyle Semiotics: an Art House Film on Semiotic Coding – Chris Arning
  • Archetypology: Using Archetypal Pattern Analysis – Dr. Janis Wilson
  • Semiotic Evaluation of Rhetorical Strategies in Ads – Ricardo Monteiro
  • Commercial Semiotics in University Programs – Kristian Bankov, Dimitar Trendafilov
  • Semiotics and Artificial Intelligence: Your Kids Are Smarter Than You – Sandy Santra
  •  Semiotics and Innovation – Massimo Leone
  •  Analyzing Social Discourse – Gabriela Pedranti
  •  ‘Pimping Semiotics’: keynote from a client commissioner of semiotics  – Mark Taylor
  • Computational natural language processing: An integrative approach – Ajitesh Ghose
  • From local to global and back to the original – Martha Arango
  • A Conversation on graphic design & semiotics – Lucia Neva & Malex Salamanques
  • Semiotics and Framing Cultural Insights via Digital Networks – Tim Stock
  • Structural semiotics and brand meaning (luxury brands) – Anne- Flore Maman
  • Analysing semiotic phenomena using interactive software – Kay O’Halloran
  • Orbiting a black hole of category code convergence – Michael Colton & Rob Swan
  • Rubbish dumps, rollercoasters and live semiotics – Jerry Clode
  • Qual-quant Instrument for semiotic analysis of social media – Dario Compagno
  • Semiotics and brand equity – George Rossolatos
  • Crowdsourced semiotics and the semantic web – Chris Arning

You can check most of these presentations abstracts here:

We hope to hear from you soon!
Semiofest team