Presentations 2013

Here you have Semiofest 2013 presentations. You will be redirected to the abstracts, which have been updated with the links to the presentations that we are able to share. Hope you find them useful!

Friday May 31st, 2013

Malcolm Evans and Gemma Jones, Space Doctors, UK. Making Semiotics Useful.

Massimo Leone, Italy. The semiotics of buzz.  UPDATED WITH PRESENTATION.

George Rossolatos, Germany. Interpreting advertisements with semiotic content analysis. UPDATED WITH PRESENTATION.

Thierry Mortier, Belgium. A semiotician’s three (from accidental sign to power.symbol). UPDATED WITH PRESENTATION.

Mattia Thibault, Italy. Voyage in the play-sphere. Considerations on play semiotics. UPDATED WITH PRESENTATION.

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

Hamsini Shivakumar & Anila Shrivastava, India/Singapore. Open happiness -UPDATED WITH PRESENTATION

Stefania Gogna, Italy.Towards an engineering Semiotics: combining semiotic models with statistical multivariate analysis.

Everardo Reyes, France. Semiotics, software and media visualization. UPDATED WITH PRESENTATION.

Eduardo Camilo, Portugal. Keynotes on the double nature of the advertising text.

Thierry Mortier, Belgium. The unabridged encyclopaedia of human knowledge to date. UPDATED WITH PRESENTATION.

Graeme Smith, UK. Semiotics as strategy. UPDATED WITH PRESENTATION.

Dimitar Trendafilov, Bulgaria. Semiotic thinking for marketers. UPDATED WITH PRESENTATION.

Elsa Soro (Ofent), Spain. A methodological proposal to analyse identity construction in transmedia storytelling. UPDATED WITH PRESENTATION.

Ximena Tobi, Argentina. “The Mamushka effect”. Facebook fanpages as companies communication spaces. UPDATED WITH PRESENTATION.

Laura Rojas de Francisco & Carlos Sanandrés Martínez, Colombia/Spain. Eurovision Fans and Youtube followers: Language factor to find a clue for voters’ election. UPDATED WITH PRESENTATION.