Samuel Grange

The Semiotic Factory, Paris

Samuel Grange studied with French pioneer of applied semiotics Jean-Marie Floch and is a specialist of semiotics, applied to innovation and positioning programs and is a thought leader in applied semiotics. Has applied his knowledge in marketing consultancy, design and research agencies for many major companies, as well as small startups in most business fields, collaborating with marketers and designers. Sam co-organized the Semiofest 2015 in Paris.


Sam writes:

“Why am I a semiotician? Because I love everything emotional, sensorial, that creates strong feelings and yet, I can’t help my rational personality to analyze and explain what I like or hate. So here I am, since I decided I would become a semiotician at the age of 17 (and after a few studies), working for designers, strategists to understand our environments, our cultures, our markets to identify new stories to tell, new experiences to live. Working as a team with diverse sensibilities and cultures on a project requires a collective rational understanding and this is what we, as semioticians, are useful for. Making the collective miracle possible because everyone can express his own opinion on a rational perspective. In another word, “rationalizing what is sensitive”. Semiotics remains a quite recent human science and it has grown differently in different parts of the world. What if we could bring different semioticians from different origins sharing perspectives on subjects and methods ? What if we could share our interest and love for signs and meaning to affects areas like architecture, marketing, art, design, fashion, social behaviors… ? Well, we can! And there is nothing like Semiofest to gather a crowd that is curious, generous, demanding and fun to share and celebrate a common passion for semiotics.”

Other members

Sarah Johnson

Principal, Athena Brand Wisdom, Toronto

Pavla Hind

Community Co-Ordinator, Semiofest

Hamsini Shivakumar

Co-Founder, Semiofest

Jeff Hecker

Principal – Athena Wisdom, Toronto