Pavla Hind

Community Co-Ordinator, Semiofest

Pavla holds a degree in modern philology from Masaryk University (Brno, CZ). Pavla has agency-side experience in media relations, marketing communications, events and project management. Her passion for communications has led her to pursue a corporate path. She has worked in senior communications roles for major global firms and has led innovation and environmental initiatives. She briefly explored the British parliamentary system as an aide to a Member of the House of Lords. She is an Allianz Group Certified Communicator (Munich, 2009). Pavla trained in Business Contract Law (London, 2015-16) and Data Protection (London, 2017). Pavla is also a published literary translator, active commercial translator. As a columnist and blogger, she focuses on life in the UK. In 2018, Pavla set up a communications agency The Grove Agenda Ltd to provide consulting and executive services in communication, corporate affairs, public relations, management and business support.


Pavla writes:

“My interest in semiotics dates back to my university years. I coordinated the inaugural Semiofest 2012 in London. With an untested and experimental format (and shoe-string budget), the event welcomed a global community of semiotic practitioners, academics, students and enthusiasts – nearly 70 delegates from 20 countries attended. For me, the first Semiofest will always be unique; it felt like a gathering of old friends. I have been a keen advocate for Semiofest since then and so I’m very happy to be part of the team once again.”

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