Semiofest 2016 : program and abstracts

Semiofest 2016 : program and abstracts

Dear friends of Semiofest,

We’ve updated our website with newly designed program and presentation proposals so you can have a taste of what’s going to happen June 1-4 in Tallinn. June is approaching quickly and in only two months we hope to see a great number of you to gather to Tallinn, Estonia for Semiofest 2016 “Semiotics and Culture of Innovation”.

June 1 – Tartu Semiotics Training Day.
Tartu semiotics has been born out of case studies and applied research. The training day will include introduction into the core concepts and methods of Tartu Semiotics, like semiosphere, autocommunication, semiotic modelling, transmedial text analysis etc, with practical examples of their applications in background research as well as in designing solutions.
In Estonia, we also have a long and extensive experience with semiotic expert analyses conducted for legal disputes. We have developed an approach that is rigorous enough to stand as an expert testimony. However, the scope of application is much wider than the legal disputes and can help to overcome the impression that semiotics is a mere play of interpretations, sometimes expressed by the clients.
The training day will conclude with co-creation session to inquire about the benefits semiotic thinking has to offer for practitioners and to discover 25 most useful tools for semiotic thinking.
See full program for Tartu Semiotics Training Day.
June 2 – Semiotic Insight for Design Innovation.
The first day of Semiofest main program will bring into highlight the fusion of semiotics and design. Our keynote Farouk Y. Seif will set the tone for the day and the conference by exploring through actual design projects how integrating design and semiotics can enhance the capacity to innovate and change. 10 inspiring speakers in three sessions that follow will reveal one interesting case after the other how semiotics can be applied for product and service innovation or to improve on user experience. We’ll conclude the day with open space to share and develop the insights and takeaways of the day into actionable tools.
See full program and abstracts for June 2 – Semiotic Insight for Design Innovation
June 3 – Semiotic Insight for Brand Innovation
How to embrace the emergent cultural trends in branding and marketing communication? Ten case studies presented by expert semioticians from all over the world to showcase the relevance of semiotic insight for brand innovation. Our keynote, the grand old man of marketing semiotics, Dr. Malcolm Evans is looking further into the new perspectives in brand semiotics and cultural analysis. His keynote serves as an intro for an open space to share and develop the insights and look deeper into the future of applied semiotic thinking.
See full program and abstracts for June 3 – Semiotic Insight for Brand Innovation.
June 4 – Semiotics and Culture of Innovation
The last day of our conference addresses more directly the culture of innovation. How to catalyze creativity and innovation? What are the factors of change? To prove for ourselves and others the innovative capacity of applied semiotic thinking, we’ll hold on the last day of our gathering a Boot Camp where expert semioticians will craft solutions for three public interest / social innovation initiatives in Estonia. We’ll conclude Semiofest with a discussion to share insights and inspiration and look further to Semiofest 2017.
See full program and abstracts for June 4 – Semiotics and Culture of Innovation.
Please come to share your perspectives and insights in an open and creative atmosphere of Semiofest Tallinn celebrating semiotic thinking.
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Ticket prices:

  • Ticket for Semiofest Tallinn main event, June 2-4 – EUR 180
  • Ticket for Tartu Semiotics Training Day – EUR 100
  • Ticket for Guided Tour on Saturday – EUR 30
  • Ticket for June 2 bought separately – EUR 100
  • Ticket for June 3 bought separately – EUR 100
  • Ticket for June 4 bought separately – EUR 50

Lunch and coffee are included in the price as well as a party on Friday evening. There’s a free Wifi in the conference hall and the surrounding area.

In case you have any questions concerning the travel or accommodation, please contact our manager Maarja at
See you in Tallinn, June 1-4.
With all the best wishes,
Semiofest Tallinn Team

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