Call for Jokes

Call for Jokes
A post by Thierry Mortier

Why did the chicken cross the road?​… Because it didn’t see the sign!

Dear Semiofest2016 participant,
How great to see you in Tallin soon. As you know, this year’s theme is “Semiotics and Cultural innovation”. Personally, I believe there is no human activity with a greater potential to bring about cultural innovation and cultural cohesion than humor. It is also one of the most difficult things to do as a deliberate action… especially when sitting behind a desk. It’s much easier in conversation or in context. We’ve all done it; made somebody laugh. An impromptu insight with a twist, a spur of the moment inspiration for the right word pun at the right time…
With that in mind, I would like to a​sk you for y​our participation i​n a collaborative work: inventing, constructing or adapting jokes about semiotics.
The question before you is simple: c​ome up with a joke,​that is set within the Semiotic Umwelt ­ a joke about semiotics, by semioticians, for semioticians ­ a​nd send it to me before May 28, 2016. I​f you find yourself on a roll and come up with more, do send them all, there’s no maximum of contributions per participant!
All the contributions will be collected in a small pdf­booklet for all to download at the end of Semiofest2016 … b​ound to make us a smash hit at our next conferences!
As the question is simple, the work might not be: our working language is English and I’m primarily asking to come up with a joke in English ­ w​hich isn’t necessarily your native tongue. If you find a brilliant joke in your mother language, do send it in too, but please provide a translation or explanation in English.
To get you started on your research into how jokes work, there exist a couple of formats you can play around with to get the ball rolling:

  • ­Why did the chicken cross the road? ­​jokes
  • ­Knock, knock! Who’s there? … . … who? … ​­jokes
  • ­Two signs meet; says the first sign… ­​jokes
  • ­Saussure, Greimas and Peirce step into a bar. Saussure says:”…”, Greimas says“…”, Peirce says “…” ​­jokes
  • ­Story­j​okes
  • ­Wordpun ­​jokes
  • ­  …If you know a great joke about Engineers that can be adapted to a great joke about Semioticians; Adapt! & share it please.
The details I’ll need for the collection:

  • ­  name
  • ­  nationality
  • ­  online presence
  • ­  Your joke! ​(with translation if not in English)
  • ­  classification: Original, Adapted or Adapted Format
    • Original: you’ve just invented a brilliant joke!
    • ­Adapted: you’ve adapted a brilliant joke into a brilliant joke about semiotics!
    • ­Adapted Format: you used an existing format to construct a brilliant joke!(Chicken cross the road; Knock, knock; …)Please send your contributions to o​ w​ith “Semiofest2016 joke” in the subject, before May 28th, 2016 … and I’ll take care of the rest!HAVE FUN! See you in TALLIN!
      Thierry Mortier, semiotic architect

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