What is Metanoia?

We live in a chaotic and shape-shifting world today. Artificial Intelligence and chatbots, a multi-polar world and rise of autocratic leaders are some of the forces changing societies in unpredictable ways. In business, disruptive business models such as UBER and Airbnb have scaled at break-neck speed. Digital technologies and media platforms allow information to circulate instantaneously. Alt-facts, post-truth, the bombardment of messaging through many digital platforms, have led to more content but arguably, less meaning.

Semiofest, Mumbai invites you to explore the notion of societal, business and branding change by asking you how semiotics and related methodologies can help us navigate the spirit of accelerating change at work and in the world. As a discipline, Semiotics is uniquely placed to provide perspective and deeper insight into the workings of these forces how they change meanings; which brings us to our theme for Semiofest 2018.

‘Metanoia’ is the name for acts of resilience and adaptive learning in times of turbulence and opportunity. It is indeed adaptive evolution that brings a more ‘meaningful’ approach to dealing with changing situations than holding on to well-established ways that are in imminent danger of being rendered obsolete.

It can help brand and business owners, and organizations to reshape their cultures, their brands, communication and their people, to better grapple with change. We invite you to come and be a part of ‘change’, share your experiences of how you used research to identify and model change or have helped your clients identify or prepare to deal with cultural shifts using semiotics and semiotics related methodologies, or just gain a new perspective on what ‘change’ means.

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About The Host

At dy, we understand symbols of shift in culture. We keep a keen eye on signifiers that help us stay in touch with the constantly evolving society and consumer. These are some of the reasons why dy stood out amidst all, and was eventually awarded the chance to host Semiofest 2018. So come over this year to see how dy gives Semiofest an Indian touch with a Mumbai flavour!

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Alpana Parida

A graduate of IIM(A) ’85 and St. Stephen’s College, Economics; Alpana has 37 years of experience in building and growing brands across India and the US. Our toughest critic, she believes that organizations with prima donna personalities are never scaleable. “All our attitude is in our work and not necessarily in our personalities”.

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Ashita Sarin

A design management graduate of The Parsons School of Design, NY; she is most passionate about "brand" and "brand-ing". She is a brand consultant with over eight years of experience and has worked with clients such as P&G, American Express, Taj, The Tata Group, Mahindra, HCC, India Bulls, The Park, Hike, Pepsico etc. She looks forward to be able to deliver value to the client consistently, which she sees both as a challenge and opportunity to participate in the "guts" of the consumer.

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Jagpreet Singh Sandhu

A graduate from Central Saint Martins London, Jagpreet has over 16 years experience in the creative field. He started his career as a visualizer and has constantly challenged himself having worked as a Sound Designer, Script Writer, Conceptualizer, Illustrator and Performance Artist. Design Strategy has been the core of his engagement at dy, which focuses on effective translation of strategic thought into a comprehensive Brand Experience.

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Tanvi Shah

A graduate of London Business School, Tanvi is a Brand Strategy Consultant at dy. She has worked in London & Mumbai on several Strategy & Design projects across industries for markets across the globe. She has a passion for decoding human psyche and culture to uncover insights that have the potential to disrupt and create a positive impact.

The Semiofest Mumbai Team

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Poonam Juwatkar
A crazy cat lady who believe's that CATS and ART will rule the world!
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Shilpa Bhatia
List maker. Dance lover. Discovering life one plate & one page at a time.
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Vishal Langthasa
A self proclaimed super star at heart. Video content creator, social media geek and YouTuber by weekends.
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Trupti Haldankar
Love Origami. Fancy Art. Live life the DIY way.
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Raj Singhania
Football enthusiast. Believes that ambition's debt must be paid with perseverance for success.
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Pranay Christian
I think therefore I write. Bibliophile. Binge watcher. Day dreamer. Motto in life: Listen to one song on loop till you get bored.
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Suryaprakash Varma
Creating worlds in my head. Building them up on the screen.
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Prashant Jagtap
A rare combination of a Visual designer, UX designer and a Coder! Also passionate about history and travelling.

The Semiofest Board

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Chris Arning

Chris Arning has 16 years of experience in brand planning, consumer insight and in applied semiotics. He spent 8 years at consumer enabled brand consultancy Flamingo where he left as the Head of semiotics. Since setting up Creative Semiotics Ltd. in 2010. Chris has worked for and with companies such as SABMiler, BBC, Volkswagen, Unilever, and Boots. Chris is Co-Founder of Semiofest and Founder of the Semiotic Thinking Group on LinkedIn.

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Lucia Laurent-Neva

Lucia Laurent-Neva is a designer and anthropologist specialising in design semiotics and material culture. She has extensive experience in the development of tools for cultural analysis and design innovation through the application of design theoretical principles, anthropological and semiotic thinking. She is skilled in strategy, product & brand innovation. Lucia has over 16 years of experience working for commercial and non-commercial clients around the globe. She is the founder of Visual Signo, UK and Co-Founder of Semiofest.

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Hamsini Shivakumar

Hamsini Shivakumar is a co-founder of Leapfrog Strategy Consulting, one of India’s premier brand consulting companies as well as of Semiofest, the un-conference for applied semiotics practitioners. Prior to starting Leapfrog in 2007, she was Strategy Head at JWT Mumbai, member of the National Planning Council at JWT India and Regional Planning Director for Asia on Unilever. Her twenty-five year career spans consumer insights, brand strategy, communication planning and innovation. She has worked on a diverse range of product categories, brands, consumer groups and virtually every kind of strategic issue or challenge that brands face. She is a trained Semiotician and a prolific writer on consumer and brand issues in International and Indian publications.