A cosmopolitan culture in its truest sense, Bombay – now Mumbai - cannot be defined by only a few signature traits. Built on the foundation of people from all over the country, the city embodies numerous cultures. Here’s a glimpse into what you can expect while you explore this city!

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Check List : Check out Gateway of India and its adjoining dock areas, CST a hub of local trains and a world heritage site, walk through the villages of Bandra and the largest slum in the world – Dharavi. Soak in the beauty in the chaos that makes this city so unique.

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Antiques to take home : Walk along Colaba Causeway, a street that houses eateries and shopping of some unique Indian antiques as well as fashion jewelry at affordable prices. Find some long lost gems at Chor Bazaar, a market with furniture, home décor items and more. Recommended to travel with a local for the best finds! Visit Khadi Bhavan and Crafts Cottage Emporium for some handcrafted Indian goods fashion and personal care.

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Nature Trails : Head to Borivali National Park, an oasis of calm within the city, for a day hike. Mumbai is also a city close to many local holiday spots. Catch a ferry from Gateway of India to Alibaug, a beach town close to the city for some peace and quiet. Alternatively, you can head out to Pavana (easily accessible by bus and car) for a night of camping by the lake.

The Bambaiya language:


Meaning quick/fast. Keeping the rushed spirit of the city in mind, you can expect to hear this pretty much everywhere you go.

Paanch minute
Paanch Minute

Meaning 5 minutes. Distance measured uniquely in time and not in kms, you will be directed to places and given updates on upcoming cab rides frequently with ‘paanch minute’. Expect to walk/wait longer!

Theek hai:

Meaning OK/Alright. You are safe to enter a building, sit in a cab or pay the price you bargained for if you hear these magic words- theek hai!

Paanch minute

Meaning Will do. Also posed frequently as a question (chalega?), this is a term spoken when in agreement!


Meaning Bore, lethargy. Encapsulating the feeling of I have to but I don’t want to in one word in the infamous kantaal. Present in every conversation especially after lunch time.

Paanch minute

Acha/Mast/Jhakas: Meaning Good/Better/Best. Be sure to use mast if you want to make someone’s day and make them smile!

Survival essentials while in Mumbai:

Keep change handy : Notes and coins in lower denominations will help you make quick and easy transactions at all stores and across all transportation.

Hydrate in the heat : October is the crossover point between the last bout of heat and the pleasantness of winter. Expect humid, sunny days and hydrate as you travel through the city! Local joints serving Nimbu Paani (Lemon Soda) and vendors selling Coconut Water will come to your rescue!

Mosquito patches : Safe to carry mosquito repellents or patches should you plan to explore the outdoors in the city.

Local sim : You can buy a local sim card with unlimited data plans at the airport or any local mobile store. Plans start from INR 100 for a period of 7 days.

Transport : Uber and Ola (cab service) are easily accessible in every part of the city and are affordable. Download the apps to access this service. You can also book a ride for the day to take you everywhere you wish to. Local taxis (black & yellow) and Autorickshaws are also easily available any time of the day or night! Be sure to experience a trip on the local train, even if it is a short one!

Pro Tip:

Follow bpbweekend.com and culturetrip.com for the latest updates on events and new openings in the city. Download Zomato or Swiggy to find your watering hole or eating joint easily everywhere in the city!