We are pleased to announce the prices for Semiofest 2018. We bring to you the several options to consider:

1. Early Bird Tickets: Be amongst the first few to get early bird discounts. Watch out for updates on when the ticket sales open.
2. Speaker Tickets: If you are a speaker at the event, we are thrilled to offer special Speaker discounts for the first time in Semiofest 2018.
3. Student Pricing: We welcome students to attend our core Conference days and the Dinner Party on 26th of October. We’ve made sure that the pricing is student-pocket friendly!
4. Making the most of Semiofest 2018: Apart from the core conference days, feel free to add on tickets to Day 1 and Day 4 as well as the Dinner Party on Day 3 which can be bought separately.
5. All ticket prices include lunch as well as tea and coffee on all days.

Day 1: Training Day

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Santosh Desai

Join Santosh Desai for an enthralling experience of exploring Mumbai through a semiotic lens. Allow him to take you on a cultural trip and decode symbols of Metanoia in this ever-changing city of dreams. Given the limited number of seats on this one, make sure to not miss it!

Early bird

Day 2 and Day 3: The UN-conference Days

Enjoy the main action with keynotes with experts such as Devdutt Pattanaik and Carlos Scolari, educative and creative presentations by some of you, inspiration sessions, panel discussions and much, much more!

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Carlos Scolari

The Laws of the Interface

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Devdutt Pattanaik

Understanding and decoding symbols of ‘Sanatan’ – the Hindu notion of anti-fragile

...and many more!

Early bird

Day 3: Unwind with a Dinner Party

After the series of discussions and sessions, a gastronomic experience awaits you. What’s more? A number of Bollywood tunes so that you can shake a leg (or two)!

The venue in itself bears the spirit of Metanoia.

Get ready to feel the colonial hangover at Gymkhana 91. Eclectic dishes apart, this place will take you back in time; back to the British era structures, old style staircases with wooden railings, vintage clocks, tiles and chairs, and an overall leaning towards nostalgia for an era gone by.

Along with the ambience, we also have a fun talk by Akanksha Agarwal where she will explore the metaphor of the traditional spice box i.e. Masala Daani found in most Indian homes, and aim at eventually bringing to life the language of condiments.


Day 4: Semiotics For Business Impact

A practical look at the applications of Semiotics in real life, this is a by-invite only work-out session for clients, showing them the business impact of applied semiotics.