Semiofest is the world's only annual conference focussed on applied semiotics, and has been pivotal in sharing semiotic thinking internationally since 2012. Whether it be a take on media and messaging and the meaning behind them, or fostering innovation, Semiofest has spread awareness about the discipline of semiotics with gusto. A great line up of speakers and a refreshing cultural experience in a different country every year, are only a few reasons why Semiofest is an anticipated event. The energy and the enthusiasm at every single event has just kept increasing manifolds. It is unequivocally as loved by semioticians as it is by a layman who is interested in culture studies and a new perspective towards problem solving. We intend to keep up the spirit and charm of Semiofest this year at Mumbai as well. Here is why you should definitely not miss out:

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Great ambience:

Expect a spirit of camaraderie and healthy intelligence all throughout Semiofest 2018. People don't gather at Semiofest just to speak and vocalise their affinity towards semiotics- it is called a conference but we love to 'unconference' it all. There will be a potent environment to discuss ideas, an unabashed stage to express new ideas, and great warmth from every individual. So come debate, express, learn and relearn with us.

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Amazing Speakers:

We have an esteemed group of speakers taking part in Semiofest, led by stalwarts such as Carlos Scolari and Devdutt Patnaik.Mr. Scolari will be speaking about the theory of interfaces, trying to expand the concept of user interface beyond the traditional idea. Devdutt Patnaik will present an interesting angle on the concept of 'Sanatan' meaning 'everlasting' and how the concept has shaped the Indian business ethos. Along with them, speakers from all over the world will be joining us to speak, debate, and impart knowledge regarding the discipline of semiotics..

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A learning experience:

Knowledge is power, and these four days will be empowering to the T. Be it picking the brains of fellow intellectuals, gaining new and fresh perspectives about the discipline and life in general, getting to see a city deeply rooted in culture through a whole new lens... Semiofest provides it all.

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A global network of opportunities:

Semiotics as a discipline and a career is underrated. People who are involved in the discipline meet up with people who are just getting into it, or are thinking about it. This event is the perfect platform to build that foundation of networks that might be of great help going ahead, perspective wise as well as for a career in the same.

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A Dynamic City:

Last but not the least, Come to experience the culture of Mumbai, and not just through a tourist’s lens. A real, raw, unfiltered culture driven narrative that is sure to blow your mind. You might have heard a lot about Mumbai before arriving here. Let's say, you are in for a pleasant and wholesome surprise.

A sneak peek at last year's event...