A cosmopolitan culture in its truest sense, Bombay – now Mumbai - cannot be defined by only a few signature traits. Built on the foundation of people from all over the country, the city embodies numerous cultures. Here’s a glimpse into what you can expect while you explore this city!

We want you to experience Mumbai like the culture rich city it is. For that reason, we have handpicked some of the best hotels for your accommodation. You can book your rooms at special Semiofest rates before the cut-off dates! So start booking!


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Abode Hotels:

In the heart of Colaba, historical epicentre of the city, sits Abode; a tranquil haven of beautiful design and luxurious accommodation. A boutique hotel which is a complete expression of the city, celebrating its magic with chic, modern interpretations of historical features and paying subtle homage to Bombay’s heritage and bohemian past.

Contact Yuvraj at enquiries@abodeboutiquehotels.com

Book Before 31st July, 2018

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Gordon House:

Come discover the subtle balance between innovative décor and warm and personalized service. Uniquely themed floors have captured the essence of Scandinavian, English Country and the Mediterranean. Cozy and inviting, Gordon House Hotel is a peaceful and hip oasis in the heart of the city.

Contact Nivedeeta at salesghh@mars-world.com / +919867505247

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Taj Mahal Tower Hotel:

Experience a signature blend of luxury and contemporary elegance at the Taj Mahal Tower which soars above the Mumbai harbour, looking out at the panorama of the harbour and the Gateway of India.

Contact Sumukh at Sumukh.Mishra@tajhotels.com/ +91 9619957232

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Taj Mahal Palace Hotel:

At The Taj Mahal Palace, original artworks and period furniture evoke a trademark old-world charm, while state-of-the-art amenities keep today’s traveler feeling perfectly at home.

Contact Sumukh at Sumukh.Mishra@tajhotels.com / +91 9619957232

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Vivanta by Taj:

More than a collection of hotels and resorts, Vivanta signifies a zesty, chic and vibrant take on travel and lifestyle. It signifies a living philosophy. Vivanta is designed around the global, cosmopolitan, work-hard-play hard traveller seeking a vivacious, reinvigorating hotel experience that cuts across possibly the entire sensory plane both in function and form.

Contact Swapnil at swapnil.nandurkar@tajhotels.com/ +91 9820306520

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